If you want to administrate any account hosted on the server, or administrate any other function, you have to identify yourself first.

Using your web browser, go the the address : (of course, replace this address by the name of your server)


  1. Don’t forget the "s" after http : it means that the connection will be secured. The informations you will exchange between your computer and the server will be transmitted on the Internet over an encrypted channel, and not in cleartext, which prevent malicious interceptions.
  2. Check that the browser you will use accept cookies for this website.

Use the form at the top (the bottom one allows you to read your email).

The login name and the password you will use have been normally given to you by your server administrator.

The account administration window is always build the same way: on your left, there is a menu, and on the right there will be the forms and actions you will do or you have done.

Those windows are the "virtual desktop" we will use all along this documentation.


Here are some screenshots of two virtual desktop : the first one is the one you will likely see, and the second one shows the special menu used by administrators.

All the blue or red texts are links. When you click on them, you will see, on the right side of the desktop (not seen here) the informations regarding the actions you will do or the actions you just done.
We will discover all those actions in the following chapters.

The number between the parenthesis such as : "domains (1/10)" shows that 1 domain is installed on this account, and that the maximum currently allowed on this account is 10.

When the numbers are red, for example "FTP Accounts (2/2)" it means that your quotas for this service has been completely used.

The "administrator" menu is special: the links are reds
An administrator have a special menu, who appears usually between the online help and the configuration menu.
This menu give you access to the account management, and miscellaneous informations regarding this server.
This administrative menu has a specific help in the chapter "account administration"


Author Benjamin Sonntag Published : Updated : 24/01/10

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