This help page aimed at showing you the basics of PHPMyAdmin, not to show you every feature he got.

You have to be extra cautious when using this software. You don’t need to be a system administrator to use it, and to do basic tasks. However, using this software is not recommended to people having no database knowledge at all.

PHPMyAdmin is a graphical interface looking as follow:

When using AlternC, you don’t need PHPMyAdmin to create a database. You just need to go to the MySQL bloc in the Virtual Desktop menu as we shown it in the chapter Create a database

If you want to give some access to your website to a webdesigner and don’t want to give him a complete access to your hosting account, you should proceed as follow:

  1. Create the databases your website will need from the Virtual Desktop of AlternC (see Create a database).
  2. Create a MySQL user with a specific username and password, (see Create a MySQL user).
  3. Give this user enough rights on the databases he will need, see Give rights to users in MySQL.
  4. Create a specific FTP account, if it’s not already done. See Create and manage FTP accounts
  5. Send all those parameters to your webdesigner or developper, along with the URL of the PHPMyAdmin interface, which is something like : in which "myserver" should be replaced by your server name.

Test all those parameters before sending them to your webdesigner.

Author Benjamin Sonntag Published : Updated : 05/06/11

Translations : English, français