Awstats Features

Awstats has many features that shows you the activity and surf of your website visitors.
This chapter shows you each feature of Awstats to understand what all those data means.
You can access your web statistics from AlternC Virtual Desktop. The username and password we created earlier is required to see the web statistics.

Main View

Awstats page opens-up in a new window and show you all your statistical data in one long page.

.On the left, a menu allows you to go to any rubric easily.

The menu is divided in 5 sub-rubrics:

  • When
  • Who
  • Navigation
  • Origin/Referer
  • Others

Header Bar
The header bar allows you to choose the month and the year when you want to see the statistics. You have to validate your choice by clicking the "OK" button.

Warning: The analysis for one complete year may not be available on your mutualized server. It may require too much processing time to be computed.

Brief View

The brief view shows the statistics of the last month, and the dates of first and last visit.

  • The "viewed" traffic is the one who was seen as a web page.
  • The "non viewed" traffic is the one which is the result of a redirection for example. It means there were no web page served for this visit.

What Awstats calls visitors is in fact the number of computers that the web server saw. For example, if two people using the same Internet access went to the website, they were likely seen as one uniq visitor.

The visits counter is the number of time a website has been visited. A visit is a new connection to the website. The number of pages seen by the visitor are not counted here. The figure between () shows you the average number of visits per visitor.

The page counter is the total number of pages served by the server, and, between the (), how many pages per visit were served.
The hits shows how many links were clicked for each visit, and between (), the average number of hit per visit were done.
If you visit a page then go back to the previous page, it counts as 2 hits.
The bandwidth counter shows you how many Bytes were served in KB, MB, GB or TB, and the number between () is the average for each visit.

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