Duration of the visits

These statistics compute the average duration of your visits, then it shows the number of visitors who spent a specified time from 0-30 seconds to 1h and more in your website.

The percentage of unknown visits duration is for the visits whose duration could not be measured.

Downloaded File Types

The Downloaded File Types statistics are written in decreasing order ; It’s not the files themselves, but the file types depending on their extension (the string after the dot in the filenames).

The statistics on Downloaded File Types are counted by Hit count and consumed bandwidth.

Most downloaded pages ranking

These statistics shows the files themselves, from the most downloaded to the least downloaded one.

The address of the page is shown after the "/". The "/" represents the domain name, for example, here : « /index,php » means a visit of the page whose url is «,php ».

Operating System of the visitors

These statistics shows you the Operating System used by your visitors on their computers.

Visitors’ Browsers

As for the Operating Systems, this information may be important to you, since it shows you which browser your visitors are using.

With these statistics, you know your visitors better and can adapt your website to their browser usage, and enhance the accessibility of your website.

Here, the statistics are biaised by the fact that we are using a testing platform.

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