Connection by referer

The origin of a visit is determined by the page where the visitor came from, just before coming into your website.

Awstats rank those visits using the following categories:

  • Direct address/Bookmarks: The visitor came directly into your website, either by typing your website address, or by clicking on a bookmark in its browser.
  • Link from a Newsgroup
  • Link from a search engine: When the visitor arrived in your website from a search engine. The link "Complete list" allows you to see the detailed list of search engines who brought your visitors into your website.
  • Link from an external page : The visitor came to your website by clicking a link inside another website.
  • Unknownj origin: These are the visitors whose origin cannot be determined.

Sentences and keywords

Sentences and keywords are the Sentences and keywords a visitor searched into a search engine on the Internet that brought him into your website.

This statistics is one of the most precious: It allows you to know how your website is referenced on the Internet.

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