Visitors ranking by domain and country:

The visitor rank by countries and domains shows you by decrease order the number of downloaded pages, the number of pages, hits and bandwidth used by domain and/or country.

The origin of the visitor is computed from the domain name of the visitor. Those data are not really trustworthy since there is many Internet access providers who are using .com or .net domain names and not country-code domains for their customers.

Furthermore, the IP addresses with no name or whose name resolution failed are in the Unknown column.

Visitors ranking by Machine name or IP:

The ranking of visitors by Machine name or IP Address show you the biggest visitors in decreasing order by downloaded pages, and their domain name (or their IP Address).

A column named "last visit" tells you the date and time of last connection of each visitor.

Robots and spiders visits

The surf of robots (such as the google crawler) are shown in this rubric.

A robot is a program (usually a search engine) who indexes the content of each and every website. Robots are crawling your website to enhance their database and make search engines working.

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